South Beach Vs Nutrisystem Comparison Video


south beach vs nutrisystem
South Beach Phase 1 Meal

Trying to compare the South Beach vs Nutrisystem diet delivery plans?

These are two very popular diets that will send special weight loss meals directly to your door.

In fact, we did a full written comparison of Nutrisystem vs South Beach here.

But if you’re more visual and would rather see a video of how they’re different, the video below can help.

You’ll also find a quick comparison chart of the two diets below that.






South Beach
3 Plans - Silver, Gold and Platinum
Meals Based on South Beach Diet (Low Carb Plan)
Weight Loss Promise - Lose up to 9 Pounds and 3 Inches in your first 2 weeks
Over 80 Meals to Choose From
Every Plan is Customizable
3 Plans - Basic, Core and Uniquely Yours
Meals Based on Nutrisystem Diet (Calorie-Controlled Plan)
Weight Loss Promise - Lose up to 13 Pounds and 7 Inches in your first month
Over 150 Meals to Choose From
Core and Uniquely Yours Plans are Customizable




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