Nutrisystem vs Wonderslim Diet Comparison

How Do They Compare?


nutrisystem vs wonderslim
Wonderslim Basic Kit

Trying to compare the Nutrisystem diet vs Wonderslim?

Wondering which is the best choice for you?

On the surface these diets look similar:

They both send you specialized meals in the form of entrees, bars, shakes, soups, desserts, snacks and more.

You eat several diet meals per day (and add your own fruit and veggies as snacks). And you lose weight quickly and easily.

So how are they different?

And which is best for you?

Let’s dive in and compare the Nutrisystem vs  Wonderslim diets:


Nutrisystem vs Wonderslim – Price


Wonderslim looks more affordable on the surface starting around $7.32 a day and going up to about $10.61 a day for the premium plan. You can also save up to 24% Off on any Wonderslim starter kit here.


nutrisystem vs wonderslim
Wonderslim Meals


But Nutrisystem is pretty affordable as well – starting around $8.75 a day ranging up to $12 a day for the premium plan.

(Editors Note: Nutrisystem has also extended our readers a special discount. You can use this link to save up to 40% Off and get Free Bars and Shakes with your first order.)

So from the outside,  Wonderslim looks like it’s cheaper. However you have to look closer at each of the different plans and compare them head-to-head to really see what you’re getting.


nutrisystem vs wonderslim
Nutrisystem Meals



Diet Plan Comparisons


Let’s start with the Basic plans. When you actually compare the two Basic plans – you’ll find that Wonderslim Basic plan only gives you 4 Wonderslim meals per day whereas Nutrisystem gives you 5 Nutrisystem meals per day.

Plus the Wonderslim Basic program only gives you snacks, bars and shakes – you don’t get any lunches or dinners (no real meals).


wonderslim vs nutrisystem diets
Wonderslim Basic


With the Nutrisystem Basic program you do get lunches and dinner entrees included. So you’re actually getting more with the Nutrisystem Basic plan for your money.

The Core plans for each diet are a little more similar to each other.

You get 5 meals a day on both the Wonderslim and Nutrisystem Core plans. However the Wonderslim Core plan again limits you on the entrees you receive. You get lunches, bars, snacks and meal replacements – but no dinners and no desserts.


Nutrisystem vs Wonderslim
Nutrisystem Meals


The Nutrisystem Core plan does give you dinner entrées, which may seem a bit heartier and like you’re getting more food. You also get desserts.

So the variety and the quality of meals is a bit better with the Nutrisystem Core plan vs the Wonderslim Core plan.

The Wonderslim Premium plan steps it up with 7 Wonderslim meals per day – and you do get dinner entrees and desserts as well. This is pretty respectable, especially around $10.61 a day.

The Nutrisystem Premium plan (Uniquely Yours) is around the same price per day as Wonderslim – however you only get 5 meals per day (vs 7 on the Wonderslim plan). So that’s a point in favor of Wonderslim – a couple more meals/snacks per day.

However Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours does have something the Wonderslim premium plan does not – fresh-frozen gourmet entrees.


Nutrisystem vs Wonderslim
Nutrisystem Fresh-Frozen Premium Desserts


And the Uniquely Yours plan lets you choose your own meals from both the ready-to-eat options and the frozen meals. This means you can choose unlimited fresh-frozen meal options for your meals and desserts on this plan.

The fresh-frozen entrees, snacks and desserts routinely get much higher ratings and reviews from Nutrisystem dieters for taste and quality.

So the Uniquely Yours plan may give you a few less meals than Wonderslim – but the meals are more gourmet and will probably taste better.



nutrisystem or wonderslim




What About Weight Loss Results?

So which diet will have you losing weight faster? Well they both emphasize low fat, higher protein meals. And both are calorie-controlled. According to Wonderslim you can lose from 2 – 4 pounds a week.


wonderslim vs nutrisystem
Wonderslim Success Story


According to Nutrisystem you can lose from 1 – 3 pounds per week – not much different. However Nutrisystem does have something that Wonderslim does not – a special jump-start week.

This week includes your Nutrisystem meals plus special shakes, bars and snacks. It’s designed to get you losing weight super-fast. In fact you can lose up to 13 pounds and 7 inches in your first month with the Nutrisystem jump-start plan.


nutrisystem diet vs wonderslim
Nutrisystem Success Story


You can get this special jump-start plan for FREE with any of the Nutrisystem meal plans. So if you want more of a kick-start to your weight loss, Nutrisystem might be a good option.




Ability to Choose Your Meals

Want to choose your own meals on the diet so you know exactly what you’re getting? Want to customize your meals so you can enjoy your favorites?

On the Nutrisystem Core and Uniquely Yours plans you can in fact select all the meals yourself and customize your plan online before you order. So you never have to worry about getting meals you don’t like.

You can’t however customize your meals on the Nutrisystem Basic plan – you get a selection of “customer favorites” which could mean you’re getting anything.


nutrisystem vs wonderslim
Nutrisystem Online


With Wonderslim you can customize any of their plans – even the Basic plan (although you are still limited in the types of options – no lunches, dinners or desserts)

So you have better customization with the Wonderslim Basic plan (but less in terms of meal options.)



nutrisystem vs wonderslim



Online Weight Loss Support

With Nutrisystem you get a free app and online tracking tools to chart your weight loss for all the programs. And with the Core and Uniquely Yours program you also get unlimited phone support with counsellors and dietitians.

So you can ask any questions you may have when doing the diet.


nutrisystem vs wonderslim diet comparison


Wonderslim doesn’t have much in terms of online support. There is a free app for you to track your progress – but no real phone support. This may or may not matter to you depending on if you’re more of a do-it-yourself dieter or not.



“What Kind of Meals Do I Get?”

Nutrisystem does have the advantage here with the addition of the fresh-frozen meals – which are a bit more gourmet than the ready-to-go meals.

Also, the Nutrisystem menu tends to favor more comfort foods like pizza, burgers, pancakes, chocolate and ice cream – (which many people like when slimming down so they don’t feel deprived).

They also have a larger selection of meals – over 160 options vs less than 100 options with Wonderslim.


nutrisystem vs wonderslim
Nutrisystem Fresh-Frozen Breakfasts


Wonderslim meals may be a bit simpler vs Nutrisystem meals. However they’re still pretty well rated, according to Wonderslim dieter reviews. So while you may not get as many options, people do seem to like the taste of the meals and snacks.


nutrisystem vs wonderslim
Wonderslim Meals



Bottom Line?

nutrisystem vs wonderslimSo which is the better diet for you when comparing Nutrisystem vs Wonderslim?

Well, Wonderslim definitely starts out more affordable (however to be fair, you also don’t get as much in terms of meals).

And you do have some great customization options with Wonderslim. It’s excellent for do-it-yourselfers.

However, on the other hand, Nutrisystem has better tasting meals and a larger selection.

Plus the fresh-frozen entrees you get on the Uniquely Yours plan are better tasting than the Wonderslim options. So you’re going to feel more pampered while you slim down.

There’s also better online support and the special Nutrisystem jump-start week to get you losing weight extra fast.

So it really depends on what you’re looking for.

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nutrisystem vs wonderslim



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