Nutrisystem vs Diet To Go – Which is Best For You?


nutrisystem vs diet to go comparison
Diet To Go Meal

Trying to compare Nutrisystem vs Diet To Go?

How are they different? And which is best for you?

Both of these plans are well-known programs that send pre-made weight loss meals to your home.

So you can lose weight in privacy without having to do a lot of work.

Most of the cooking, measuring and calorie-counting are all done for you.

However there are some differences between them.

So how do these two plans stack up against each other?

Here’s a comparison of these two diets to help you choose your best option:


nutrisystem vs diet to go
Diet To Go Breakfasts



Nutrisystem vs Diet to Go – Price Per Day


nutrisystem vs diet to goNutrisystem has the advantage here, coming in much more affordable than Diet to Go.

It comes in starting around $9.82 a day for the basic plan and ranges up to $12 for the premium plan (called Uniquely Yours).

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diet to go vs nutrisystemDiet to Go starts around $20 a day and ranges up from there depending on how many meals you want per day (2 or 3), which menu you want (there are 4 different menus – see below) and how many calories (men or women’s programs have different calorie counts).

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Nutrisystem vs Diet To Go – Plans


Nutrisystem has a couple of different plans – and then sub plans to choose from. There’s the regular low-calorie plan (great for most women). There’s also a plan for men (with more calories – but the same meal options) and a plan for diabetics as well.


nutrisystem vs diet to go
Nutrisystem Meals


Then within those plans there are the Basic, Core and Uniquely Yours (formerly Select) options. The Basic plan gives you meals from a list of customer favorites (you don’t get to choose the meals yourself). The Core plan does let you choose your own meals from a list of ready-to-go meal options.

And Uniquely Yours lets you choose your meals from the ready-to-go meals and from the more gourmet frozen meals selection.


Nutrisystem vs Diet To Go
Nutrisystem Frozen Meals


Diet To Go has several plans as well. The Balance plan is basically a calorie controlled, lower fat plan. The Balance D plan is their plan for diabetics.

The Carb 30 is their low carb diet plan (meals are less than 30 carbs per day). There are also options for vegetarians.


Nutrisystem vs diet to go
Diet To Go Low Carb Meals


Within those options, there are men’s and women’s plans (higher calorie for men) and a no-seafood option.

So each diet gives you a range of different plans depending on  your situation.


diet to go vs nutrisystem



Nutrisystem vs Diet To Go – Meals


nutrisystem vs diet to go
Diet To Go Meal

This is where you see one of the main differences between these two diets.

Nutrisystem meals tend to be much simpler and smaller than Diet To Go.

This makes sense since you’re getting 5 – 6 of them per day (vs Diet To Go where you get 2 – 3 meals per day).

Diet to Go meals are made fresh and then frozen and shipped to you with full heating and preparation instructions.

They’re more substantial than Nutrisystem meals (in general).

And there seems to be more of an emphasis on quality and freshness with these meals (which, at a higher price per day is something you would expect).


nutrisystem vs bistro md
Nutrisystem Ready-To-Go Meals


Some examples of Nutrisystem Ready-To-Go meals are:


nutrisystem vs bistro md
Nutrisystem Rotini Pasta

Chicken and Bar-B-Q Beans

Meatballs in Marinara Sauce

Chicken Pot Pie

Thick Crust Pizza

Chicken Enchilada with Spanish Style Brown Rice

Double Chocolate Caramel Bar

Chocolate Cake




Some examples of Nutrisystem Frozen Meals and Snacks (available on the Premium plan) are:


nutrisystem diet vs bistro md
Turkey Medallions with Gravy and Mashed Potatoes

Roasted Turkey Medallions with Gravy and Mashed Potatoes

Broccoli and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast

Chicken Parmesan with Noodles

Thick Sliced French Toast

Salisbury Steak with Mac and Cheese

Red Velvet Whoopie Pie

Chocolate Cupcake


Click Here to View the Full Nutrisystem Menu



Some examples of Diet To Go Meals are:



nutrisystem vs diet to go comparison
Diet to Go meals

Chicken Vegetable Stew with Peanuts and Broccoli

Kale and Swiss Frittata

Greek Burrito with Soy Sausage

Waffles with Peaches and Apples in Syrup

Boston Cod in Lemon Herb Sauce

Pork Chop Pomodoro with Beans and Veggies


Click Here to View the Latest Diet To Go Menus



Nutrisystem vs Diet To  Go – Flexibility


Both plans give you lots of options – but they are a bit different. The Nutrisystem Core and Uniquely Yours plans let you choose and select your favorite meal options. So you can swap out any meal you don’t like for something that you do like.


nutrisystem vs diet to go plan
Nutrisystem Online


With Diet To Go all plans let you swap out meals and customize your menu to your tastes online – for no extra charge.

However Diet To Go gives you a bit more in terms of flexibility. You can choose to get 5 day or 7 day meal delivery (in case you want to take weekends off your diet). You can also get 3 meals a day – or 2 (in case you want to save a bit and provide breakfast yourself).

Also, Diet To Go delivers one week’s worth of meals at a time – Nutrisystem delivers a month’s worth of meals at a time.


nutrisystem vs diet to go
Diet to Go Online


With Nutrisystem you eat around 6 small meals per day. With Diet To Go you eat 3 times a day – but you get larger meals than with Nutrisystem.



Nutrisystem vs Diet To Go – Weight Loss Results


Any diet results you get will also depend on factors like your adherence to the diet, your current weight, gender and activity level.


nutrisystem diet vs bistro md
Nutrisystem Success Story


However in general both plans promise a weight loss of about 1 – 2.5 pounds per week. The difference is that Nutrisystem has a special jump-start program – which you automatically get with any of their monthly plans.

This is a specially designed first week of the diet that is geared towards helping you lose weight quickly. According to studies, you can expect to lose up to 13 pounds and 7 inches overall in your first month – which is incredible.


diet to go vs nutrisystem diet
Diet To Go Success Story


Diet To Go doesn’t have anything like this.  They don’t have a jump-start program. So you may see faster results overall with Nutrisystem because of this.




Nutrisystem vs Diet To Go – Food Quality


A lot of people are concerned about health and food quality these days.

Diet To Go certainly does well in this area with an emphasis on freshly made meals with no preservatives.


diet to go vs nutrisystem comparison



However Nutrisystem has also started moving towards higher food quality as well in the last few years.

Most people don’t realize that their meals are made with zero trans-fats and zero MSG. There are also over 100 foods with no artificial preservatives.


Nutrisystem vs Bistro MD
Nutrisystem Frozen Meals



Bottom Line?

nutrisystem vs diet to goSo which diet is better for you?

The Diet to Go plan offers larger meals that are more gourmet with an emphasis on fresh foods.

There’s also a bit more flexibility as to when you get your meals – and how many meals you get per day.

But Nutrisystem is about half the price. Plus you have the option to get the Uniquely Yours plan which has more higher-end meal options than the standard ready-to-go meals.

And Nutrisystem has a special plan to kick start your weight loss that you don’t get with Diet To Go. So overall you’ll lose weight faster on the Nutrisystem diet vs Diet To Go.

So it really depends on what you’re looking for.

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diet to go vs nutrisystem



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