Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours vs Plus

Which is Best For You?


nutrisystem uniquely yours vs plusNutrisystem has introduced a new version of their Uniquely Yours program – named Uniquely Yours Plus.

The regular Uniquely Yours program is actually one of the most popular Nutrisystem plans.

I like it because it gives you as many of the fresh-frozen meal options as you want – and this food is generally better tasting that the other standard Nutrisystem meals. So you feel a bit more pampered as you lose weight.

You also get the larger menu of over 150 different menu items to choose from (vs around 100 menu items on the Core and Basic programs).

Plus the Uniquely Yours plan also gives you the freedom to choose your own menu – so you’ll never be getting meals you don’t like. You can always choose your favorites.

So with the new introduction of the Uniquely Yours PLUS option – this leaves a lot of people wondering what’s the difference with the Plus option – and is it worth the extra money?


Nutrisystem uniquely Yours vs plus
Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours Desserts


This post will give you a rundown of the main differences between the Uniquely Yours vs Uniquely Yours Plus plans so you can make the best decision for you:



Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours vs Uniquely Yours PLUS


#1 Price

As stated above the Plus option costs slightly more than the Uniquely Yours regular option. As of this writing (and if you use the coupon here to get a discount), the regular Uniquely Yours plan will run you about $10.71 a day for 3 meals and snacks – which is pretty good considering you get the fresh-frozen meal options.

The UY Plus option will run you about $12.14 a day – again not bad and not a lot when compared to other programs out there. This is a difference of about $1.43 a day when compared to the regular Uniquely Yours plan.

So what do you get for the extra money?


nutrisystem uniquely yours vs uniquely yours plus


#2 Extra Protein Shakes

nutrisystem uniquely yours vs plusWith the Plus program you will get 1 extra Nutrisystem protein shake per day – or 28 days of shakes with your order.

This shake is specially formulated with protein and probiotics to help shrink your belly and keep you full during the day.

A lot of people really love the Nutrisystem protein shakes and feel it’s a yummy treat (that also keeps them full) that they can enjoy when doing the program.

However you don’t need the shakes to slim down with the Nutrisystem diet – if you’re following the recommendation for adding in your Power Fuels and Smart Carb snacks throughout the day, you’ll lose weight just fine.

I think the shakes are just an option add-on if you’re too busy to deal with the snacks – or you just want that extra treat throughout the day.

Regardless, it’s still totally up to you – the Plus is just the option to add a power shake to your day.



So What’s the Bottom Line?

The Uniquely Yours Plus plan is basically the EXACT same as the regular Uniquely Yours plan – you get the same menu items, the same ability to customize your menu and the same support – you just add in an extra protein shake per day. That’s it.

turbo 13 explainedSo if you want to do the Nutrisystem plan but don’t have a lot of time to get all your snacks in line for the day, then the Plus option might be good for you.

If you love the Nutrisystem protein shakes – or if you’ve tried Nutrisystem in the past and found you felt just a bit too hungry for your liking, then the PLUS option would also be a good choice for you.

But if these things are not the case with you, you’ll probably be just fine with the regular Uniquely Yours plan.

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