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Nutrisystem Turbo 13 Explained – What You Get


Please Note: the Turbo 13 plan is no longer available. It has been upgraded to the new Nutrisystem Fresh Start plan with improved shakes and new snacks your first week.


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nutrisystem turbo 13
Nutrisystem Turbo 13

Wondering what you get with Nutrisystem Turbo 13?

Turbo 13 is a new kick-start program Nutrisystem has added for 2018.

It replaces the old Lean 13 kick-start package with a few updated snacks and shakes.

You order one month of Nutrisystem meals at a time.

If you get any of the 3 main Nutrisystem plans here, you’ll get Turbo 13 included (no extra charges).

The Turbo 13 kit consists of specialĀ meals thatĀ are chosen for you (for just the first week). You can eat your preferred Nutrisystem meals after that.

Turbo meals are selected to maximize your weight loss in the first month.

In fact the “13” comes from the fact that based on Nutrisystem studies, you can lose up to 13 pounds and 7 inches in your first month (men can lose up to 15 pounds).

So as you can probably guess, Turbo 13 is extremely popular.

You’ll find a video below that does a great job at explaining what you get with Turbo 13 and how it works.

You’ll also learn what you need to add into the diet on your first month. And you’ll also see some of the results that people have had on Turbo 13:



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nutrisystem turbo 13
Nutrisystem Turbo 13




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