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Nutrisystem Replaces Select with Uniquely Yours


Good news for those of you who want to do the premium Nutrisystem plan – Nutrisystem has replaced their old Select program with the new Uniquely Yours plan.

Why is this a good thing? Read on!

Both plans allow you to get the more gourmet Nutrisystem Frozen meals and desserts which are, in my opinion, a step above their standard ready-to-go meals.

However the old Nutrisystem Select limited the amount of Frozen meals and desserts you could get.

The new Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours plan give you UNLIMITED frozen meal selections.

And of course you can completely customize the program to your tastes and get exactly the meals you want. That’s a huge improvement over the old Select plan.


uniquely yours nutrisystem
Turkey Medallions with Gravy and Mashed Potatoes


My guess is that Nutrisystem now has so many frozen meals available that there is enough for people to get unlimited selections.

With this option alone, in my opinion, it makes it worth the $1.5p0 a day over the Core plan. This is especially true if you need those extra delicious treats as you slim down.

Of course you can still choose to get the Customer Favorites pack with the Uniquely Yours program (but I’m not sure why you would exactly – unless you like to be surprised).


Nutrisystem uniquely yours
Nutrisystem Frozen Desserts


You also get the online tools and unlimited access to expert counselors and dietitians with this plan as well.

So good news Nutrisystem fans – you can lose weight with even more delicious foods than ever!

Want to learn more?

See the full menu of Nutrisystem meals here.


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nutrisystem select uniquely yours

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