Nutrisystem Removes the Core Plan – What Does This Mean for You?


Nutrisystem used to have 4 diet plans – the Basic, Core, Uniquely Your and Uniquely Yours Ultimate or Plus option.

However they have recently removed the Core plan option – leaving only 3 plans now – the Basic, Uniquely Yours and Uniquely Yours Ultimate option.

What does this mean for you?


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Nutrisystem Meals


Firstly, I think it was a smart move on their part. Having 4 different plans to choose from was just too much for a lot of people. Many dieters were getting confused trying to figure out what was the difference between all 4 plans and which they should choose.

So simplifying by going down to 3 choices was a good thing.

Also, judging by this blog’s website statistics and the questions I get, I think the Core plan was the LEAST popular plan with buyers.

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Nutrisystem Success Story

The Core plan was basically similar to the Basic plan – in that you only got the ready-to-go meals (not the Fresh-Frozen meals).

But the difference was that you could choose the meals you wanted with the Core plan (for an extra cost). With the Basic Plan, meals are chosen for you.

So you get a Nutrisystem diet meals kit filled with the most popular Nutrisystem ready-to-go meals.

So now the Nutrisystem Plans look like this:



Nutrisystem Basic:

This is the most affordable Nutrisystem plan – coming in under $9.00 per day.

You get sent the most popular Nutrisystem ready-to-go meals. These meals are not as gourmet as Nutrisystem’s fresh-frozen entrees. But, on the other hand, they don’t require refrigeration and they’re great for taking with you on-the-go.


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Ready-To-Go Meals

This would be the best option if you’re on a tight budget and aren’t too fussy about what you eat.

Keep in mind that you also have some flexibility to add in the snacks you like on this plan, just like any other Nutrisystem plan.


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Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours

This is the most popular Nutrisystem plan. It gives you unlimited fresh-frozen entrees and dessert options. Basically you get the best-tasting Nutrisystem meals included on this plan.


are nutrisystem meals frozen
Nutrisystem Frozen Meals

And you can choose the menu yourself. So you can choose from a larger menu than the Basic plan – and you can get exactly and only the meals you really want.

You can also choose ready-to-go meals as well if you want a few meals to take with you on the go.

Like the Basic plan above, you get 5 days worth of Nutrisystem meals and snacks on this plan – so you have 2 days off and can make your own “Flex” meals according to the Nutrisystem guidelines and recipes. You can also eat out at a restaurant a couple of nights a week. So you don’t have to give up socializing even when losing weight!

This plan is ideal if you need a little extra pampering as you lose weight – and/or you’re more picky about your food and prefer to choose your own meals.


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are Nutrisystem meals frozen



Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours Ultimate

This is basically the same as the Uniquely Yours plan above in that you get unlimited fresh-frozen entrees and you can design the menu yourself.

However you get 7 days of meals and snacks on this plan – vs 5 on the Uniquely Yours or Basic plans. So you get more food ultimate – for around $2 a day more.


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Nutrisystem Fresh-Frozen Dessert


This is great if you want almost everything done for you, if you want to slim down faster – or if you just don’t have time to make the Flex meals yourself.

It’s the most convenient plan – and you get extra pampering with the larger menu and all of the Fresh-Frozen gourmet meal options.

So while this plan runs a bit higher, it’s less work for you – and less grocery shopping.


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how nutrisystem works
Nutrisystem Before and After


So those are the basic differences between the 3 current Nutrisystem plans. While they have removed the Core plan, it actually makes a lot of sense as to why they did it.

Plus, since Nutrisystem keeps adding new fresh-frozen meals, they’re getting away more and more from the ready-to-go meals. Eventually I’m guessing that most Nutrisystem meals will be fresh-frozen options since those are the meals that most dieters like.

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