Nutrisystem Quick 9 vs Uniquely Yours Plans

Nutrisystem Quick 9 vs Uniquely Yours – Which is Best for You?


nutrisystem videoTrying to decide between the Nutrisystem Quick 9 vs Uniquely Yours plans?

How do they compare? And which should you choose?

The Uniquely Yours program is actually one of the most popular Nutrisystem plans right now.

The Quick 9 plan is a brand new plan that Nutrisystem just launched, replacing the older Basic plan.

Since it’s new, I’m not sure how long it’s going to be around. Nutrisystem could be testing it out – and then keep it or discard it for the Basic plan.

But for now it’s offering you a few perks that you don’t get with the Uniquely Yours plan.

What’s the difference?

This post will help you compare the Nutrisystem Quick 9 vs Uniquely Yours plans to help you see which is best for you. So let’s dive in!


Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours vs Quick 9


#1 Special Jump-Start Weight Loss Plan

The Quick 9 plan – as the name suggests – is designed to help you drop pounds fast, especially during your first 2 weeks.

With this quick-start plan, during your first week you’ll get 7 days worth of meals, snacks and protein shakes.

These are specially designed to jump start your weight loss and help you lose up to 5 pounds your first week.

During your second week, you will get 5 days of meals, shakes and snacks.

And you’ll also get guidance on how to make your own healthy meals, or “Flex” meals, 2 days a week.

With these Flex meals, you can go out to eat or cook healthy at home with the Nutrisystem recipes you’ll find on the free Numi app.

During these 2 weeks, according to Nutrisystem, you can lose up to 9 pounds – which is amazing (average weight loss during a study was 6.5 pounds).

Another great thing about Quick 9?

You have the option to choose your own meals and customize the menu. (The older jump-start diet plans relied on a series of meals chosen for you. But with Quick 9 you can choose your favorite meals at no extra charge).

Uniquely Yours does not offer this quick-start plan. With Uniquely Yours you get 5 days of meals a week, every week – from week 1 and beyond.


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#2 Delivery Schedule

Nutrisystem has traditionally shipped you a months worth of meals at a time. That’s great for some people – but not others.

What if you don’t have the space to pack away a months worth of meals?

Or what if your budget doesn’t allow for a full months of meals paid for at one time?

That’s where the Quick 9 plan comes in.

Instead of paying for a month at a time, you can choose to pay for 2 weeks of meals at a time. Meals are delivered to you every 2 weeks on this plan instead of every month – like you get with Uniquely Yours.

So if you have limited food storage space – or you want an easier way to pay for the meals, then the Quick 9 plan is a great option.


Quick 9 Meals


#3 Price

Prices can jump around for these 2 plans, depending on Nutrisystem sales or specials.

As of this writing, the Quick 9 plan is a bit higher (probably because you get 7 days worth of meals instead of 5 for your first week). It starts around $14.28 per day plus Free Shipping and Free Shakes here.

Want to save a bit?

You can get a deal on the Quick 9 program if you pay for a month at a time (but the meals will still come every 2 weeks). Using this option, the price runs about $12.99 per day with this discount offer here.

As of this writing, the Uniquely Your plan is a bit more affordable – coming in around $12.14 per day with this discount link.

So overall the Uniquely Yours plan is a bit more affordable overall (However the Quick 9 plan is easier on the budget if you’re buying only 2 weeks at a time).




So What’s the Bottom Line?

So which is better when comparing the Nutrisystem Quick9 vs Uniquely Yours Plans?

Both plans give you the same meal options: ready-to-go meals, fresh-frozen gourmet meals and Restaurant Faves. And you have total freedom to customize your menu.

The Uniquely Yours plan is more affordable overall, making it a great value.

However, Quick 9 gives you the special jump-start weight loss plan. So you can see faster results.

And you don’t have to store food for a month since meals are delivered to you every 2 weeks.

So overall, it really comes down to what you’re looking for, when you want delivery and how fast you need to reach your goals.

Want to compare both plans directly and save? Check out the link below!


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