Common Nutrisystem Questions Answered


nutrisystem questionsJust starting out on Nutrisystem and having some questions?

Here’s a video which answers 10 of the most common questions people have about Nutrisystem.

Note that the video is slightly dated. The Select plan – which is Nutrisystem’s premium option – has now been replaced and renamed with the Uniquely Yours Plan.

However it’s still pretty similar to the Select Plan.

Also the Fast5 Program that the video talks about has now been upgraded to the Lean 13 promotion. Lean 13 is actually a bit better but it’s still very similar to Fast5 (you get weight loss shakes your first week etc – click here to learn more about Lean 13)

Other than that it’s a pretty good questions and answer video about Nutrisystem.

If you have more questions you can also check out our Commonly Asked Nutrisystem Questions here. Enjoy!



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nutrisystem questions answered



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