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What’s Nutrisystem Food Really Like?


Wondering what the Nutrisystem food really tastes like?

While everyone has a different opinion – and different favorites, I find it’s always helpful to get the benefit of other people’s experience on the Nutrisystem plan.

Here’s a great video from a charming gentleman who is doing the diet and reviews of 1.5 days of Nutrisystem meals.

He gives some great tips – which I’ve summarized for your below. Note of course that he’s obviously doing the Nutrisystem for Men program.

Also, can I just say that the dog in the background at 3:04 is awesome? (Yes, I can say that – it’s my blog).





Nutrisystem Food Review Video Summary:

Breakfast: Chocolate Muffin with Unsweetened Coffee

Verdict: The muffin is surprisingly moist.


Snack: Chocolate Turbo Shake (He’s absolutely right, the NutriCrush shakes do taste better).

Verdict: This is pretty good, a bit chalky with just water, ice and powder. Added half frozen banana and much creamier and nicer. Feels like a lot – it’s filling.


Lunch: Cheese Tortellini, greens and cooked plain carrots. This tastes almost citrus-y with good flavor.

Review: Pretty good.


nutrisystem food review



Snack: Chocolate Nutricrush Shake

Verdict: This is much better than the first one, not chalky and chocolate-ier. This one is made to fill you up the other is made with nutrients.


Dinner: Chicken Alfredo

Review РNot as bad as everyone says. This was more bland than bad. He added bell peppers and onions  (great idea) and it tasted better.


Day 2:

Breakfast: Cinnamon Raisin Baked Bar – no verdict.

Snack: Turbo Shake – Froze some coffee and added 1/2 cup frozen coffee to shake with 1 tsp thinmints creamer and it was VERY good.


Overall Experience: First day it wasn’t that bad. He was a bit hungry but honestly expected to feel worse. But eating throughout the day helped him to not feel hungry.


nutrisystem food review blog



My Thoughts: I’m not really sure why he was choosing to eat a couple of the worst-rated meals on the Nutrisystem menu. He may have just ordered the Basic plan which is where you take the meals that they give you.


However if you want a better overall experience, I’d suggest going with the Uniquely Yours plan which gives you a lot more higher-rated meal options.

Want to learn more? 


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