Nutrisystem Eating Out Tips – Tips To Help You Navigate Eating Out on Nutrisystem


nutrisystem eating outLooking for a few Nutrisystem eating out tips?

Maybe you’re wondering if you CAN eat out with the Nutrisystem diet.

The great news is that yes, you can eat out on Nutrisystem!

You may have heard these referred to as “Flex Meals” and you get a couple of these a week (but it’s recommended that you space them out – not both in one day).

However this is just my personal recommendation: try not to eat out during your very first week of doing the Fresh Start jump-start program.

If you want the most effective results, try to stick to the Fresh Start meals as much as possible during that first week (after all it’s only one week!)

After this, start enjoying your Flex meals without worry that you’re sabotaging your progress. The following tips below can help you do this successfully.


Nutrisystem Eating Out Tips:


#1 Use the Numi App

You can download the free Numi app to your phone. This has a tons of different menu suggestions at a wide variety of restaurants.

Use these recommendations to get something that won’t impede your weight loss progress. It’s actually pretty easy because you do get a lot of options using the app.



#2 Do Some Advanced Planning

If you know which restaurant you’re going to (but it’s not on the numi app) go online and look up their menu ahead of time.

nutrisystem eating out tips

See what options you have and focus on the ones with veggies (like salads or grilled veggies as a side) and lean proteins like chicken breast or salmon.

This way, you already know what you’re going to order before you get there.

For example, I usually go online before I go to the restaurant and check out their menu. From there I can pretty much see what I’m going to order ahead of time.

I can also plan ahead for little things.

For example, if I don’t like their salad dressing (or if it sounds like it’s going to be high calorie ), I’ll make my own ahead of time and carry it in a little plastic cup in my purse.



#3 Don’t Drink Your Calories!

I know, I know – that alcohol menu is tempting – but at least at first, you’ll want to steer clear of it. (Later on, you can have a glass of wine without it affecting your progress too much.)

But it’s not just the wine – even a Coke can add up those calories – and that’s a lot of sugar you’re downing.

I find that even Diet Coke (because of it’s sweet taste), makes me start to crave more sweets (which doesn’t help me stick to the diet). So I try to stick with water with lemon at a restaurant (or seltzer if you want that fizzy taste).



#4 Avoid Buffets

nutrisystem eating outAvoid buffets like the plague – especially at first when your willpower may not be so….developed yet.

That’s so much temptation in one place – and if you walk in hungry, well, forget it.

Plus, if you’re like me and feel tempted to “get your money’s worth”, you’ll be further tempted to eat a lot more food that you actually need.

If you do get suckered into going to a buffet (hey, it happens), then try to focus on the grilled lean meats like grilled chicken or tuna and the salad bar.

For example, when I was one month into my Nutrisystem diet, I had to go to a family birthday at a huge Chinese buffet – yikes!

I took my own low-fat dressing with me and loaded up on salad with veggies from the salad bar.

I also got some grilled chicken, cut it up and put it on the salad to make a chicken salad. That worked for me (along with doing #6 below) to avoid feeling deprived – although I admit it wasn’t easy.



#5 Don’t Be Shy – Request A Few Food Swaps From Your Waiter

For example, instead of that chicken breast with fries and side salad, ask the waiter if you can substitute grilled veggies instead of fries – or have an extra large salad.


nutrisystem eating out


I do this all the time (even when not dieting and just maintaining my weight loss). And I’ve never had a waiter tell me no.

More and more people are watching their portion sizes these days – or dealing with allergies. So waiters and restaurants are used to dealing with these special requests.

The trick is to be polite and not go overboard with really outrageous requests (like asking for something that is completely off the menu).


Nutrisystem eating out



#6 Enjoy A Dessert – At Home

This is a great one. You could feel deprived and tell yourself you’re not going to eat any dessert as you sadly watch everyone dig into theirs – but let’s face it, that just leads to disaster.

Instead, accept the fact that it’s a special night and you’ll want a treat. You’re human after all.

Then plan to have your favorite Nutrisystem dessert at home (instead of having a dessert at the restaurant). My personal favorite is the brownie sundae or the stuffed apple pie.

Remember, it can’t be just any dessert – make it your favorite so you feel a little pampered as well.

This way you’re not feeling deprived – you’re just being strategic with your treats – and rocketing towards that new slim body!

So those are some tips on Nutrisystem and eating out. Stick to these tips the next time you go out and you won’t sabotage your weight loss. After all – you’ve worked so hard that you deserve to see results right?


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Also note that you’ll get an Eating Out Guide with your first order of Nutrisystem. This also has a ton of suggestions in it to help you stay on course and not get derailed from your diet plan. Good luck!

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