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Nutrisystem Complete 55 Plan – What Is It? And How Does It Work?

Is Nutrisystem’s Complete 55 Plan Right for You?


Nutrisystem Complete 55 DietHeard about the new Nutrisystem Complete 55 plan?

Wondering if it’s right for you?

The Nutrisystem Complete 55 plan is a specialized Nutrisystem diet plan.

It’s custom-designed for women who are going into and completing those oh-so-fun menopausal years.

As many of us ladies have discovered, with the changes that come in our forties and fifties – it also brings new challenges.

One of the biggest? Weight loss.

It gets harder to take the weight off – and keep it off. Things that worked in your twenties or thirties – just don’t work any more.

This is a unique problem that women around this age face – and very few diet plans seem to address it.

That’s why I’m so glad that Nutrisystem is doing something about it. They created a specialized weight loss diet (in partnership with Marie Osmond) just to address this issue.



What Makes The Complete 55 Plan Different?


Unlike the other plans, this diet is designed just for women in their 40s, 50s and above that can’t seem to lose weight by standard diets.

At this age, other issues need to be addressed like hormonal balance, macronutrient deficiencies and even blood sugar issues.

By addressing these issues, it gets much easier to lose weight since you are giving your body what it needs to safely shed the weight.

The Complete 55 plan offers a range of Nutrisystem meals like their ready-to-go meals and fresh/frozen entrees. But one of the best options here is the Hearty Inspirations meals.



These meals are specially designed with higher protein (up to 30 grams per meal!) and fibre to keep you fuller for longer. In fact, according to Nutrisystem, these meals can control your hunger for up to 5 hours.

As women, we need to increase our protein intake as we get older and these meals are a perfect way to do it.

Plus, they contain complex carbs (“good carbs”) to help keep your blood sugar steady and prevent insulin levels from spiking (higher insulin levels signal your body to store fat).

Another great benefit to this plan is that it focuses not just on weight loss – but on helping women feel good and live a healthy, energetic lifestyle.


Nutrisystem Numi App


The Numi app with Smart Adapt is included on your plan.

It will help you front load your calories for optimal fat burning and break through any weight loss plateaus that come up. It also offers recipes and tips on planning your Flex meals and eating out at restaurants.


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Nutrisystem Complete 55 Diet Plan Review
Complete 55 Plan Meals



How Complete 55 by Nutrisystem Works:

Nutrisystem generally recommends a 3 month plan for this diet (depending on when you reach your goals).

During the first month of the plan, you’ll get 7 days of Nutrisystem breakfasts. lunches, dinners and snacks delivered to your door. So most of your meals are covered (you can add in optional snacks if you want as well as protein shakes too).



For your second month (and beyond) you’ll get 5 days of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks delivered.

This is when you’ll start adding Flex meals into your days. You’ll get full instructions on how to do this, recipe suggestions, restaurant recommendations etc.

This is a great way to start transitioning off the diet and getting your body used to eating healthy portions and meals. (You can also choose to buy extra Nutrisystem meals if you don’t want to cook or create your own Flex meals).

Need an extra treat? You can also buy extra protein shakes from Nutrisystem on this plan.

With the Complete 55 diet, you can have the meals selected for you. Or you can customize the menu yourself and choose your favorite meals.

Then menu is one of the largest of any Nutrisystem plan. You can choose from ready-to-go meals, fresh/frozen meals, Restaurant Faves and Hearty Inspirations meals. So you have a large selection.

Need some help or extra guidance? You can also connect with a Nutrisystem weight loss coach at any time for extra motivation and tips.


What Does Nutrisystem Complete 55 Cost?

If you use the link below to get the discount, the plan costs about $13.93 per day – which gives you the 7 days of meals and snacks for the first month. Then moves to 5 days of meals and snacks on month 2 and 3 (or beyond).

You can lower that cost even more if you pay for 2 or 3 months at a time (the meals will be shipped to you every month – not all at once).

Plus as of this writing, the link below will also give you an automatic 50% off the protein shakes if you want to add them as well.


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So those are a few things you need to know about the new Nutrisystem Complete 55 diet plan.

Is it right for you?

Well, if you’re finding that it’s harder to take the pounds off after 40 – and you’d like the extra support, then it’s definitely worth a look.

As women, we don’t have to accept that gaining weight is just part of “getting older” (I hate when people say that – because it’s just not true).

You can lose the weight – but you have to address it in a different way and give your body what it needs. The Nutrisystem Complete 55 plan was designed to do just that.

Want to learn more? Check out the link below to compare all Nutrisystem plans – and get the 50% off discount.


Click Here to Compare the Complete 55 Plan to all Nutrisystem Plans




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  • Betty F Burch

    I am not over weight but i am interested in a plan that will help me maintain a healthier diet. I find it very hard to shop for one person and prepare food. I find I buy and throw away too much.


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