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Nutrisystem Adds New Plan – Uniquely Yours PLUS


nutrisystem uniquely yours plusWithout much fanfare at all, Nutrisystem has quietly released a new upgraded Uniquely Yours plan called Uniquely Yours PLUS (emphasis mine).

How does it differ from Uniquely Yours?

Well the good news is that, as of this writing anyways, the menu is pretty much the same on both plans.

You get the expanded menu with fresh-frozen options (along with the ready-to-go meals) for either plan.

That’s over 150 different menu item choices – and you can customize your menu with your favorite foods on both plans.


nutrisystem uniquely yours plus
Nutrisystem Meals

So how is it different?

Basically with Uniquely Yours PLUS you also get everything on the Uniquely Yours plan PLUS Nutrisystem Fresh Start shakes with extra protein, fiber and probiotics.

This is a great option on 2 levels.


nutrisystem turbo 13


First, you can use the Shakes as one of your powerfuels for the day. (You have to add in 3 powerfuels every day on the Nutrisystem plan). So if you really don’t have time to make a powerfuel for a snack, just grab a shake and go. It’s a huge timesaver.

Plus, the shakes taste amazing and a lot of dieters rave about them (the Chocolate shake is also fantastic with a little coffee added to it as well – but that’s just me).

Secondly, this new plan is about $1.50 a day more than the Uniquely Yours plan.  If you bought the Nutrisystem shakes a la carte, you’d pay about $40 a box for 14 shakes. So for 28 shakes (the same amount that you get on Uniquely Yours PLUS), that would be $40 x 2= $80 / 28 days = $2.86 per day.

$1.50 vs $2.86 – or if you want to look at it on a 28 day basis that’s $1.50 x 28 = $42 per month vs $2.86 x 28 = $80 – almost a $40 difference.

So you save money this way.

So it saves you time for a minimal cost. Of course, you don’t have to get this option – you can just stick with the Uniquely Yours plan if you don’t want the shakes. But it’s nice to have options!


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