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Welcome to My Nutrisystem Blog!


Hello and welcome to my Nutrisystem Blog!

This blog is all about doing the Nutrisystem diet – the right way.

You’re going to learn the latest tips and tricks to lose weight successfully on this diet.

Because Nutrisystem has been around for so long – and they pretty much roll out new promotions and new plans ever year. So it can get confusing.

There’s a lot of old or just plain out-of-date information out there.

Hopefully this blog can help by giving you the latest tips, savings and information on Nutrisystem.

On the fence and not sure Nutrisystem is right for you? No problem.

The truth is that it’s not right for everyone. No one diet fits everybody.


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That’s why I’ll also be comparing Nutrisystem to other popular diets (like Medifast, Diet To Go, Bistro md etc.) to help you see what options you have and if one diet is better for you than another.

And of course we’ll also be breaking down the Nutrisystem diet, how it works, what you can expect and talking about favorite meals, tips for success and more. I’ll also be posting coupons and telling you how you can save money on your Nutrisystem order if you do want to try it.



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Thanks for visiting my Nutrisystem blog – if you have a comment or question about the diet, please leave it in the comments section below – or visit the Contact Us page.

To your health!

– Karen



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