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Almost every diet out there chooses celebrities or – the new term today – “influencers” as spokespeople.

One of the things I appreciate about Nutrisystem is that they choose spokespeople who are relatable (and not a 21-year-old swimsuit model who’s never struggled with weight a day in her life).

One of the best celebrities who’s lost weight – and kept it off – with Nutrisystem is Marie Osmond. I remember hearing about how she lost weight with Nutrisystem around her “Dancing with the Stars” days – and she’s STILL one of the main faces of Nutrisystem, having kept the weight off now for years.

That says something.

Here’s a great video I recently found of Marie talking about WHY she chose Nutrisystem. It’s short – but she makes some good points:



This is one of the main reasons I chose Nutrisystem too. No weigh-ins or perky, happy “coaches” to check in with every week.

marie osmond and nutrisystemThe thought of an embarrassing weigh-in (in front of a total stranger, no less) just seemed like torture to me.

Women have so many hang-ups when it comes to those numbers on that scale. And there are so many things (like water retention or hormone levels) that can influence the numbers besides just fat loss.

But if those numbers are off – that can set your whole day (or even week) back!

So I didn’t want a diet that was going to force me to check in every week. I wanted something I could do on my own (but was structured enough that I didn’t have to do much work).

That’s one of the best things about Nutrisystem.

By the way – I still don’t do the scale. I go by waist-hips-bust measurements and my clothing sizes. That’s a much kinder, gentler and more accurate way of checking your progress (I think).

What do you think?

Do you need a diet where you check in every week and weight yourself?

Do you prefer to lose weight in privacy – or with a group?

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