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Editor’s Note: Plase note: Lean 13 is an older program that is no longer available. It has been upgraded to a new Nutrisystem jump-start weight loss program.

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lean 13 nutrisystemWondering about Lean 13 Nutrisystem?

Lean 13 is the new kick start program you get with your first order of any Nutrisystem plan (Basic, Core or Uniquely Yours). It’s specially designed to get you losing weight fast – up to 13 pounds in your first month!

But what exactly is Lean 13? Here’s a fantastic video that shows exactly what you get and how it works.

There are also some great Lean 13 Nutrisystem tips to doing the diet right. I especially agree with what she says in the video about spices. They are your best friend!

I did a lot of veggie stir fries when I was dieting. I would add a little ginger with garlic and onion powder (as well as a little Stevia to give the stir-fry a slight sweet taste – I’m weird that way but it worked for me). And this tasted great – and it’s filling and hearty (I think the warmth helped too).

So here’s what you need to know about the Lean 13 Nutrisystem kick-start program:




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