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Are Nutrisystem Meals Good? What You Need to Know!

If you’re thinking about losing weight with Nutrisystem, you’re probably wondering,


Are Nutrisystem Meals Good?

Great question.

After all, slimming down can be challenging – and you don’t want to make it worse by eating dull, dry, cardboard-tasting food!

So how do Nutrisystem meals REALLY taste?

This post is going to be brutally honest about Nutrisystem meals – and give you some tips to make your dieting experience even better if you decide to go ahead. So let’s dive in to what you need to know.

(Please note this is only based on my experience – and from the feedback I’ve gotten from other people that come to this blog – everyone is different and has different tastes and preferences).


are nutrisystem meals good



The Unfortunate Truth about Any Diet…

First of all, if you’re going on a diet – any diet – whether you make the meals yourself or get them made for you and shipped to your home like Nutrisystem, you will undoubtedly get a few meals you don’t like.

That’s normal – after all, do you like every meal you’ve ever ordered at a restaurant?

The thing you want to find is a diet that has the greatest amount of delicious tasting options that you can go with (once you’ve weeded out the ones you don’t like).

The more delicious-tasting meal options that you have, the more likely you are to enjoy the diet and stick to it (and possibly even slim down faster).


are nutrisystem meals good
Nutrisystem Meals


This was my thinking at least – and Nutrisystem had more meal options than pretty much any diet out there when I did my initial reserach. As of this writing they have over 160 meals, snacks, desserts, bars and shake options.

Compare that to say, Medifast, which has about 60 meal, snack and shake options and you’ll see that your choices are much better on Nutrisystem. So by odds alone, you’re far more likely to find some meals you like.



are nutrisystem meals any good



Are All Nutrisystem Meals Good?

No. I’m not going to sugar-coat this.

When I did Nutrisystem a few years back, I didn’t take advantage of the customer reviews on their website and just chose some meals I thought looked good, regardless of the reviews.

And I ended up with some stinkers.

But there were only a few – and I learned my lesson and skipped those meals on my next months order.

But – here’s the key – there weren’t a lot of poor-tasting meals. Most of the meals were actually quite good. Some were downright when-can-I-have-that-again tasty.

So basically if you want to avoid the Nutrisyste meals that aren’t so hot, learn from my mistake – read the user reviews!

Go with the meals that rate highly with other Nutrisystem dieters. You have a higher chance of getting the better tasting meals that way.


are nutrisystem meals good


Types of Meals – Know Your Options!

As you probably know if you read my last post on Are Nutrisystem Meals Frozen? there are 2 different types of meals you can choose on the Nutrisystem diet – ready-to-go meals and the frozen meals.

While there are some good ready-to-go meals, the frozen meals are, in general, much better.

They just taste better and are a little more filling. I didn’t have to add as many veggies or spices to them (although that always helps) as the ready-to-go meals.


Nutrisystem Customer Reviews
Nutrisystem Menu Online


So if you want the better-tasting Nutrisystem meals, you might want to think about choosing the frozen meals.

Note that you only get the frozen meals on the Uniquely Yours plan. It’s a few dollars per day more than the Core or Basic plans. But if taste is your main concern as you slim down, then having those frozen meal options is definitely worth it.



Tips for More Filling Meals

So what if you don’t care as much about taste – but you want meals that are more filling? Well there are some great options for you as well.

First of all, I’d suggest going with the meals that have some animal protein in them (unless you’re a vegetarian) like the Chicken Parmesan, Meatloaf Sandwich or Homestyle Beef and Vegetables. Animal protein is just more filling for most people.


are nutrisystem meals frozen
Chicken Parmesan


Yes, there are a lot of pasta dishes – and we all love our carbs. But having at least some animal protein is just going to help you feel fuller for longer – especially during your first couple of weeks.

If you want the best of both worlds, go for something with both carbs and animal protein like the Cheesesteak pizza for example.

Another tip to have more filling meals? Veggies are your friend!

You can add a lot of different veggies to your meals like grilled asparagus for example or stir-fried garlic-infused broccoli. I picked up packages of frozen veggies that I liked to have on hand for my meals (I’m not really a salad person – too much work).

Then I just stir-friend them up with a little bit of water (some people also use a touch of olive oil as well), spices and salt. And added them to my meal.

You don’t have to do this. But if you want to feel like the meal is fuller and you’re getting more food, this is a quick and easy way to do it.

Plus the veggies will also help make you even healthier in the long run and give you tons of extra energy!


are nutrisystem meals frozen
Nutrisystem Frozen Desserts


Don’t Forget the Chocolate!

I’ll admit it – I have a problem. I cannot do ANY diet that won’t allow treats. Too many years of restrictive diets in my teens are probably the culprit here – but if a diet doesn’t have desserts or treats, I’m out. Forget it.

That’s another reason I chose Nutrisystem – you get to have your treats like Chocolate Brownie Sundaes, Ice cream sandwiches and even stuffed apple pies.

Now again, these are not Cheesecake-Factory-style desserts. But they are really good at giving you that indulgent treat that you need and pampering you while you lose weight.


nutrisystem uniquely yours plus
Nutrisystem Chocolate Sundae


The fact that Nutrisystem has desserts (but it’s still effective at taking those pounds off fast) gets huge points in my book.

Another way to pamper yourself on this plan?

Don’t overlook the Nutrisystem shakes!

The Nutrisystem chocolate shake is a thing of beauty, my friend.

It has protein in it (and probiotics to help your digestion). And Nutrisystem has really perfected it to be creamy, delicious and filling.

nutrisystem shakes

You can do a lot with this shake – enjoy it on it’s own or (although I’m not sure this is really encouraged) add some of your favorite morning flavored coffee to it.

Then blend it up for a thick, luxurious, coffee-style blended treat. It’s heaven in a mug.

So those are some tips you can use to make your experience with Nutrisystem meals a lot more enjoyable.


So are Nutrisystem Meals Good?

Yes, for the most part they are.

There are a few stinkers out there that should be retired to the Nutrisystem meal graveyard.

But if you use the online reviews (and if you can get the Uniquely Yours plan with the frozen, gourmet meals), you’re more likely to find the delicious tasting meals that you like.

And kudos to Nutrisytem – they’re always adding new meals (and removing old meals that don’t rate highly with dieters). So they’re always trying to make their meals taste even better.

Plus, unlike other diet plans, you can actually read what people are saying about each meal on the official website – BEFORE you order your meals. So you can do your own research and (provided you get the Core or the Uniquely Yours plans), you can choose your own meals to get on this diet.

I hope that helps! Want to save on Nutrisystem? Use the link below for an instant 40% off coupon on any plan – Core, Basic or Uniquely Yours!


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are nutrisystem meals good



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