What is Nutrisystem Fresh Start?

what is Nutrisystem fresh start

Heard about Nutrisystem Fresh Start and wondering to yourself:


” What is Nutrisystem Fresh Start Anyway? “


You came to the right place!

Basically, Fresh Start is a new kick-start weight loss plan that Nutrisystem introduced for the New Year (replacing their old Turbo 13 plan).

It gives you 1 week of specialized Nutrisystem meals, snacks and shakes that are formulated to give your body a jump-start at losing weight.

The shakes have been newly formulated with probiotics, fibre and chromium (chromium helps to stabilize your blood sugar and helps to fight cravings).

You also get a special Fresh Start tracker to maximize your results that first week.

After the Fresh Start week, you’ll go into whichever Nutrisystem diet plan that you chose (Basic, Core or Uniquely Yours) and receive the meals on that plan.

You can read more about Nutrisystem Fresh Start here or you can watch the video below which will show you how it works and what you get:


What is Nutrisystem Fresh Start? Video Explainer:



If you’re looking to lose the most amount of weight in minimal time, Fresh Start is a great plan to get you there!


So How Much Does Nutrisystem Fresh Start Cost?

Well, the good news is that you can get it for FREE with any of the Nutrisystem regular diet plans at the official site here.

You don’t get Fresh Start with any a la carte Nutrisystem meals or with any Nutrisystem meal package that you may find at discount stores. Fresh Start only comes included for free with the official Nutrisystem diet plans.

Want to learn more?


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nutrisystem fresh start



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