Nutrisystem vs Wonderslim – Which is Best?


nutrisystem vs wonderslim comparisonTrying to compare Nutrisystem vs Wonderslim?

Wondering which is the best choice for you?

On the surface these diets look similar:

They both send you specialized meals in the form of entrees, bars, shakes, soups, desserts, snacks and more.

You eat several diet meals per day (and add your own fruit and veggies as snacks). And you lose weight.

Plus they both have 3 different plans from a Basic up to a Premium option. They also both start under $10 a day, making them much more affordable than other diet delivery plans.

So how are they different? And which is best for you?

Let’s dive in and compare your options:



Nutrisystem vs Wonderslim – Price


Wonderslim looks more affordable coming in around $7 a day and going up to $10.66 a day for the premium plan. You can also save up to 24% Off on any Wonderslim starter kit here.


nutrisystem vs wonderslim
Wonderslim Meals


But Nutrisystem is pretty affordable as well – starting around $9 a day ranging up to $11 a day for the premium plan. You can also get an instant discount plus Free FedEx shipping by using this link here to save.

So on the surface Wonderslim looks like it’s cheaper. However when you actually compare the two Basic plans – you’ll find that Wonderslim only gives you 4 Wonderslim meals per day whereas Nutrisystem gives you 5 Nutrisystem meals per day.


wonderslim vs nutrisystem
Wonderslim Bars


Plus the Wonderslim Basic program only gives you snacks, bars and meal replacements – you don’t get any lunches or dinners. Whereas with the Nutrisystem Basic program you do get entrees as well. So you could actually be getting a bit more with the Nutrisystem Basic plan for your money.




Nutrisystem vs Wonderslim – Plans


This one can be tough – you really have to look under the hood at what you’re getting to make a proper comparison. Wonderslim has their own Basic, Core and Premium plan. Nutrisystem also has a Basic, Core and Premium plan (called Uniquely Yours).

You’ve read the differences between the two Basic plans above. The Core plans are a little more similar to each other.

You get 5 meals a day on both the Wonderslim and Nutrisystem Core plans. However the Wonderslim Core plan again limits you on the entrees you receive. You get lunches, bars, snacks and meal replacements – but no dinners.


Nutrisystem vs Wonderslim
Nutrisystem Meals


The Nutrisystem Core plan does give you dinner entrées, which may seem a bit heartier and like you’re getting more food.

The Wonderslim Premium plan steps it up with 7 Wonderslim meals per day – and you do get dinner entrees as well. This is pretty respectable, especially around $10.66 a day.

The Nutrisystem Premium plan (Uniquely Yours) however does have something Wonderslim does not – frozen gourmet entrees. And the Uniquely Yours plan lets you choose your own meals from both the ready-to-eat options and the frozen meals. You can choose unlimited frozen meal options for your meals on this plan.

So the Uniquely Yours plans may cost about $1 more a day than the Wonderslim Premium plan – but the food is a bit heartier and much more gourmet.



nutrisystem vs wonderslim




Nutrisystem vs Wonderslim – Weight Loss Results

So which diet will have you losing weight faster? Well they both emphasize low fat, higher protein meals. And both are calorie-controlled. According to Wonderslim you can lose from 2 – 4 pounds a week.


wonderslim vs nutrisystem
Wonderslim Success Story


According to Nutrisystem you can lose from 1 – 3 pounds per week – not much different. However Nutrisystem does have something that Wonderslim does not – Lean 13.

Lean 13 is a kick-start weight loss program you get your first week with special shakes, bars and meals. It’s designed to get you losing weight fast. In fact you can lose up to 13 pounds in your first month with Lean 13.


nutrisystem diet vs wonderslim
Nutrisystem Success Story


So if you want more of a kick-start to your weight loss, Nutrisystem might be a good option.




Nutrisystem vs Wonderslim – Customization


I admit it – I’m a control freak. And I like to choose my own meals on a diet plan so I know exactly what I’m getting.

And on the Nutrisystem Core and Uniquely Yours plans you can in fact, select all the meals yourself. So you never have to worry about getting meals you don’t like. You can’t however customize your meals on the Basic plan – you get a selection of “customer favorites”.


nutrisystem vs wonderslim
Nutrisystem Online


Wonderslim actually goes one better than this. You can customize all the plans – even the Basic plan (although you are still limited in the types of options – no lunches or dinners).

So you have better customization with the Wonderslim Basic plan (but less in terms of meal options.)





Nutrisystem vs Wonderslim – Length of Plan

Wonderslim has an option that Nutrisystem does not. In addition to 4 week starter kits, you can also get 2 week starter kits. So you have the option to do the diet just for 2 weeks instead of a full month.

This is great if you only have a couple of pounds to lose.


Nutrisystem vs Wonderslim
Wonderslim 2 Week Premium Kits

With Nutrisystem all their plans are 4 week diets – unless you order a la carte.



Online Support

With Nutrisystem you get a free app and online tracking tools to chart your weight loss for all the programs. And with the Core and Uniquely Yours program you also get unlimited phone support with counsellors and dietitians. So you can ask any questions you may have when doing the diet.


nutrisystem vs wonderslim diet comparison


Wonderslim doesn’t have much in terms of online support. There is a free app for you to track your progress – but no real phone support. This may or may not matter to you depending on if you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer or not.



Nutrisystem vs Wonderslim – Food Selection

Nutrisystem does have the advantage here with the addition of the frozen meals – which are a bit more gourmet and better tasting than the ready-to-go meals.


Nutrisystem vs Wonderslim
Nutrisystem Frozen Desserts


On the other hand, Wonderslim does have a pretty good selection of meals, desserts and snacks overall – even if they aren’t frozen-gourmet options.



Bottom Line?

nutrisystem vs wonderslimSo which is the better diet for you?

Wonderslim starts off a bit cheaper – and you do have the option to get 2 week or 4 week starter kits.

But Nutrisystem gives you a bit better-tasting food and entrée options on all plans.

Plus there’s better online support and Lean 13 to get you losing weight fast.

So it really depends on what’s most important to you.

Both diets however have a great track record of helping people lose weight and they are both more affordable than many other diet delivery programs. So you really can’t go too far wrong with either of them!

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