Nutrisystem Plans and Prices

Nutrisystem plans and prices


Looking for Nutrisystem plans and prices?

Confused about your options?

This post will help!

First of all, Nutrisystem tends to update or change their plans and prices every year.

So it can get confusing if you’re reading an old website or blog post.

Below you’ll find a simple table comparing current Nutrisystem plans and prices at a glance.

(Note that the prices listed below include a special discount that Nutrisystem has given our customers through the links on this website.

If you go directly to the Nutrisystem website, you’ll notice that the prices will be higher):


Nutrisystem Plans and Prices


$8.75 per day
Ready-To-Go Meals Only
Meals are Pre-Selected For You Based On Customer Favorites
Over 100 Different Meals
Online Support Only
$9.29 per day
Ready-To-Go Meals Only
Choose Your Own Meals
Over 100 Different Meals
Online and Phone Support
Uniquely Yours
$11.07 per day
Ready-To-Go Meals & Fresh-Frozen Entrees
Choose Your Own Meals
Over 150 Different Meals
Online and Phone Support
Uniquely Yours PLUS
$12.50 per day
Ready-to-Go Meals & Fresh-Frozen Entrees
Choose Your Own Meals
Over 150 Different Meals
Online and Phone Support
Extra Nutrisystem Protein Shakes Included



Which Plan is Right For You?


First of all, you can get a more in depth review of the current plans at this page here.

However in a pinch, I think it really comes down to 2 things:

#1 Do You Want To Choose Your Own Meals (Or have them chosen for you)?

#2 Do You Want More Gourmet Frozen Meal Options (Or do you just want the non-refrigerated meals only)?


Let’s break it down:


nutrisystem plans and prices


#1 Do You Want to Choose Your Own Meals?

If you want the option of deciding exactly which meals you will receive then you’ll have to go with either the Core or Uniquely Yours plans – since the Basic won’t let you do this.

You’ll get meals chosen for you based on their list of “Nutrisystem favorites”. If you’re not overly picky about your meals – or if you just like to be surprised – then the Basic plan would probably be ideal for you.

But if you’re like me and you don’t want to chance getting a meal you don’t like, then the Core or Uniquely yours plans are the best options.


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are nutrisystem meals frozen
Nutrisystem Frozen Meals


#2 Do You Want More Gourmet Frozen Meal Options?

If you love your food like me and you want the option of a higher caliber of meals, then you’ll probably want to get the more gourmet frozen meal options that come with the Uniquely Yours plans.

If you look at the meal ratings on the main Nutrisystem site here, you’ll notice that the frozen meals consistently rate higher with Nutrisystem dieters than the non-frozen meals.


Nutrisystem plans and prices
Nutrisystem Menu Online



So if you need that extra bit of pampering while you slim down then you might want to opt for the frozen meal options on the Uniquely Yours plans.

Another great thing is that you’re not limited in the amount of frozen meals you can order. Nutrisystem used to limit this a few years back. However now they have so many frozen meal options that there is no limit on the UY plans on the frozen meals.

On the other hand, if you tend to always be on the go and you just need meals that are packaged for portability -then the Basic or Core plans might be better suited to your tastes.


nutrisystem - how many meals a day
Nutrisystem Frozen Meals


You can easily carry these meals with you without worrying that they have to be refrigerated or frozen. So it really depends on what you prefer.

So that’s a little bit about Nutrisystem plans and pricing. I hope you found it useful!

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