Nutrisystem for Men – 5 Benefits You May Not Know!


nutrisystem for men benefitsWondering if you should try Nutrisystem for Men? Wondering if it’s right for you?

Nutrisystem is one of the only diet delivery programs with a specific weight loss plan geared towards men.

And there are definitely some benefits to this plan that most men don’t get if they’re trying to lose weight themselves.

With that in mind, here are 5 quick benefits of the Nutrisystem for Men plan:


Nutrisystem for men diet
Nutrisystem Frozen Meals



#1 (Almost) Everything Is Done For You


Let’s just say it people – most men don’t cook. Whether it’s because they don’t have time or because making a good salmon fillet with grilled veggies just isn’t important to them, it really doesn’t matter. They simply won’t spend the time to cook healthy, weight-loss meals.

Ladies, we can try to change them – but why? Just accept that unless it’s easily grab-able and pre-made, with very little work to be done, most guys just won’t spend the time to make healthy, diet meals for themselves.


nutrisystem for men diet benefits
Nutrisystem Chicken and Veggies Stir Fry


That’s one of the biggest benefits with Nutrisystem – almost everything is done for you. You get 5 meals a day plus snacks. And all the meals come with simple heating (if necessary) instructions.

The guy only has to add in some fruits and veggies or maybe some low-fat cheese and he’s good to go. Easy Peasy.



#2 “Manly” Meals – No Rabbit Food


For some reason, guys also have a distaste for all thing salad. When they think of dieting all they can imagine is eating unsubstantial salads and grilled veggies followed by a stalk of celery in there somewhere.

It’s no wonder most men would rather run naked through a cactus farm than start a diet.


nutrisystem for men benefits
Nutrisystem Meals


But with Nutrisystem, you get a lot of “manly” meal options like pizza, burgers, pasta, meatloaf and more. There’s also chocolate and some really great-tasting desserts (especially the frozen desserts).

So you don’t have to suffer eating rabbit food while you lose weight – you can actually enjoy the meals.





#3 Affordable

These days everyone is concerned about budget. Sure, you can get a diet meal delivery service that delivers gourmet, weight loss meals to your home – but you’ll also pay about $30 a day for it.  And that’s quite a bit for a month’s worth of meals.

A lot of guys just can’t justify spending that kind of money on themselves – especially when they have a significant other and/or kids to look after.

But Nutrisystem is a lot more cost effective than that – starting around $11 a day. This is even cheaper than what most people spend on regular groceries! So it’s very easy to justify this – especially when you consider how much you’ll be saving in health care costs from the weight loss!


nutrisystem for men benefits




#4 Provides The Extra Calories That Men Need

Most diets these days are designed for women – and that means about 1200 calories per day. For the average man, that means starvation. So it’s no wonder guys just don’t want to diet.

Nutrisystem gives you the extra calories that men need with an extra snack per day and instructions on how to add in even more snacks of your own.


nutrisystem for men benefits
Nutrisystem Breakfasts


You’ll still be losing weight (in fact, men tend to lose weight even faster than women – lucky slobs). But you also won’t be starving – or losing muscle from eating too few calories.



#5 Jump-Start with Lean 13

Let’s face it, the best part of the diet is seeing the results in the mirror or feeling those pants that are now too loose on you without a belt. With the Nutrisystem diet you’ll see results really fast.


nutrisystem lean 13


Lean 13 is a special kick-start kit you get with your first order. It’s designed to maximize your weight loss in the first month. Guys have lost up to 15 pounds and 8 inches in their first month with Lean 13. That’s quite a difference to see in the mirror.

Most other diets don’t come with that kind of jump start to your weight loss. And a lot of people really need it to stay motivated.


Nutrisystem men's diet plan
Nutrisystem Chicken Parmesan with Spaghetti


So those are some of the main benefits of the Nutrisystem for Men diet.

If you’re a guy looking to lose weight – but you don’t want to give up your comfort foods or starve on a made-for-women diet, then it may be exactly what you’re looking for.


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