Nutrisystem Basic vs Core


nutrisystem basic vs core planTrying to decide between the Nutrisystem Basic vs Core plans?

Wondering how they’re different and which is best for you?

Nutrisystem updates and changes their programs every year – so it can get confusing when you try to compare programs since there tends to be a lot of old, outdated information out there.

However here are the main differences between the Nutrisystem Basic and Core plans to help you choose the best option for you:



Nutrisystem Basic vs Core – Price


The Basic option is Nutrisystem’s most affordable plan and comes in at the lowest price – around $9.82 per day.

The Core plan is one step above the Basic and comes in just slightly more per day – around $10.54.


nutrisystem basic vs core plan
Nutrisystem Meals and Snacks


However it’s fair to note that you can get a discount on either plan by using this special discount link here – you’ll see that the prices have dropped lower than the standard prices above.





Nutrisystem Basic vs Core – Customization


The Core plans main benefit is the ability to customize your order. You can select from over 100 of the Ready-to-Go meal options. So you can get your personal favorites.


nutrisystem basic vs core


Not sure what you’ll like? Well, Nutrisystem has made it a lot easier. You can go to the menu page here and see the star ratings on each meal. And if you click on the individual meal link you can actually read what people are saying about each meal.

Nutrisystem also lists whether each meal is high protein, diabetic friendly and more.

This is a great way to get meals you really like on the program.

The Basic plan doesn’t let you choose and customize your order. You will receive 28 days of “Customer Favorites”. I assume that means the most popular meals. But then again, what I like may not be what you like – so you might be taking more of a chance that you won’t get what you like.


nutrisystem basic vs core plans
Nutrisystem Pizza


If you’re not picky about your meals, this may not matter to you. I know a lot of guys who really couldn’t care less – they just want to eat the meals, lose weight and get the job done.

But if you’re fussy about your food like me, you may appreciate the customization option on the Core plan.




Nutrisystem Basic vs Core – Online Support

You get free online tracking tools and a Nutrisystem app to help you track your weight loss progress with both plans. However, the Core program gives you something extra: unlimited online access to dietitians and counsellors.


online diet support Nutrisystem basic or core plan


You don’t get this option with the Basic program – you’re basically on your own.

So if you’re nervous about trying the diet – or just want the reassurance that someone is there for you to answer any questions you may have, then the Core is perhaps the better option.

If you’re a total do-it-yourselfer, you may not really care about having the online support.


nutrisystem basic vs core



Of course both plans give you the Lean 13 jump-start kit and Free FedEx shipping for life. But overall the plan that is best for you really comes down to your budget and what you really want in a diet.

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